Specialized Marketing


With technology the methods of war have changed. There are no kings, there is no artillery, there are no cannon balls and there are no spears. Today war is not on a battlefield. It has taken a highly specialized form of fight where we attack from afar with weapons of mass destruction. The training required for this kind of combat needs to be specialized too.

specialised trainingSpecialized products too require specialized skills to sell them. The rules of general sales wouldn′t apply to selling educational products, selling concepts, selling futuristic products, would it?

Having had a broad experience in selling experiential to futuristic products, AnirCorp can train your sales team and equip them with the right skill set to sell your specialized product range.

Getting the audience and investors excited about just an idea isn′t easy, we know that and we also know how to get the idea in the hot seat!

Here are a few opponents this humble warrior has slayed over time:

  • Marketing portable solar powered car ventilation systems to keep the interior of the car cooler while parked in 40+ degree Celsius hot weather.
  • Marketing mobile/cellular fax machines in 1992 (A time when even mobile phones were not available in most parts of the world.)
  • A stick that would help you lose weight by only smelling it.